WTF?! Another Portfolio??

This Art Director has no chill...

不要鬧了! 有完沒完??

"Quick! Let me take a picture of that portfolio!"

"On three!"


"I know a good design when I see it!"


"OMG! Is this

a PNG?!"


"Wait! Does this video even play?!"


"How about you press the play?!"

你按按看啊~怎麼? 不敢啊??

"The wider I spread, the better Art Director I am!"

​蛤? 這也能深蹲!

"Bro, this shit is LIIIIIT!"




Absolut Moments


I'm Mickel Yu, fancy to see you here! Here are some facts about me that everyone are eager to find out!

​**************************************** Y/N

# 1 The asian guy that you think you have seen somewhere, but no, that wasn’t me. So please stop asking.

# 2 Not good at math; AKA me helping fight stereotypes.


# 4 Mad photoshop skills. Go under the username of **PS_Wizard_The_Yellow** on CS.


# 5 Exotic, both on the outside and inside.

# 6 Talar svenska, English and some other 國語, 拱東華 和 ㄊㄞㄨㄢㄏㄨㄚ.

The Absolut Company:

Global Creative Art Director

May 2017 – Present

At Night Studio:

Creative Art Director

Feb 2016 – May 2017

Berghs SoC:

Lecturer & Creative Producer

Jul 2015 – Aug 2016

M&C Saatchi Sthlm:

Art Director

Nov 2013 – Jun 2015


Motion Graphic Designer

Jun 2008 – Mar 2013

"Wao! So many jobs!"


"Much titles!"


"Very global!"




"Is Paris a country?"



(From happy clients)

"We are a big name to have in your portfolio"


"Can you make the logo bigger?"


- Client with a big name

- Client with a big logo

"I will know what I want when I see it!"


"We are relatives"


- Client with a big family

- Client with a big vision

"Shiiii! You're so deep down that you found a fossil!"


You scroll so hard and come so far, In the end I guess you are interested...

Together we can be the brightest star of the future!

Send that email and make our dream happen!